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Recovery Lake

Nature is the best healer!  Spending time in solitude is conducive to hearing your inner-self.  The sound of the water as you paddle on the river, the rustling of the leaves in the wind, the distant call of the loon, the fresh smell of blueberries, the crackling of the campfire and the sweet smell of outdoor coffee – all these speak about the essence of Recovery Lake!

About Recovery Lake

The late Leonard McCallum knew the intrinsic value of going back to the land and in 1988 he volunteered his time to take 6 locals to the original recovery lake which is 20 km south of Pinehouse.  There he nurtured his friends back to health using all the natural tools around him.  Society now recognizes that Leonard was right!  The leadership of Pinehouse recognizes Leonard’s original vision and so the current Recovery Lake model is essentially the same.

Every springtime, the Reclaiming Our Community group support and assemble a Team to organize another seasonal detox and healing journey at Recovery Lake(Musqua Lake Campground).  Usually 15 clients spend 42 days at Recovery Lake.  After 1 week of isolation, the clients start to interact with local presenters ranging from life skills, first aid, hunting & gathering, basic reading & writing, home & family needs assessment, sharing circles, elder interaction and so forth.  Generally speaking, the 42 days are intense but very healing if the client allows him or herself to grow and empower!

Recovery Lake is now recognized by Academia and governments that Nature must be part of individual healing for Indigenous people.  Exposure to culture, language, values and identity are crucial to inner growth and accountability and re-introduction back into the community and family.

Recovery Lake is now a local institution.  Surrounding communities are now inquiring as to how they can adopt the same methodology.  With government assistance, the Camp is now being winterized – to be used all year round.  Pinehouse is proud of Leonard’s original vision and support it wholeheartedly.

The Recovery Lake Team

Recovery Lake Team

Kimberly Smith – Manager, Health & Wellness

Effie Misponas – Co-ordinator

Krista Natomagan – Program Support

Farrah Natomagan – Program Support

Contact Recovery Lake c/o Kimberly Smith

+1 (306) 940-9208