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Minahik Waskahiganik

(Pinehouse Lake)

Welcome to Pinehouse!  It is our hope that as you browse this site that you will come to understand and appreciate our struggles and challenges of trying to move from the welfare state to independence and self-reliance.

It is a significant challenge moving from the land-based live to a communal setting.  It has taken us 30 years to embrace both aspects of culture – technological change and Indigenous knowledge.  Like most other Indigenous communities in Canada we too have to come to terms with colonialism and bureaucracy, but we have also come to realize that both western European and Indigenous worldview must go hand-in-hand if we are to survive and thrive into the 2100’s.

Our youth are slowly losing their culture, identity, values and language, and we must do everything we can to ensure they at least have an opportunity to experience the culture and language so they can hopefully adopt into their daily lives.  Our Elders are the knowledge keepers and they act as a bridge between the youth, adult and themselves and the land.  They grew up on the land and their wisdom is priceless and crucial to our own survival.

This website attempts to paint an honest picture of who are we.  We will share, care and take care of each other for its the only way to truly be Indigenous!

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